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The aim in AbSorb HD is to move Blue circle around using the mouse and collect the falling items such as Red/Blue orbs, Clocks and Google Chrome icons.

Collecting a clock will make the items descend really fast.  By using the Left/Right arrows you alter the color of your circle and this in effect alters what color orbs you can pickup.

All in all, this is an intriguing game with some nice particle effects!

Sketch out

Protect your planet from incoming projectiles by sketching shields to reflect the projectiles back towards the enemy planet/ship thingy.

Tetris 3d

Build your blocks in 3d in this known game, now in 3d and html5!


Agent 008 Billard 

Agent 008 Ball is a timed pool game by Pixel Lab   in which you play Agent 008 and are tasked with preventing the terrorist organization CHALK

Space pirate killer

Remember the days of vertical scrolling shoot-em-ups?

Space Pirat Killer is a blast from the past, moving your ship Left and right you must avoid the incoming hail of enemy fire.

Shoot the enemies that fly down the screen and pick up any bonuses dropped.

At the end of each round you get to buy upgrades for your ship to help you on your way.

Crystal galaxy

rystal Galaxy is a visually stunning HTML5 space shooter game. In terms of gameplay, there are tons of weapon upgrades, powerups, and awesome enemies.


Blobby Volley is a simple beach volleyball game created with HTML5. You can play against the computer or by yourself, controlling both the left and right player.


Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom has been kidnapped by Bowser, the evil king of the Koopas. Save her!

Onslaught arena

Onslaught! Arena is an HTML5 game made by Lost Decade Games. Fight off the horde with medieval weapons and powerups!